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Hello, my name is Laura McCullough, owner and founder of M3Photography.


As a wife, daughter, sister and mother of 3, I've had my share of trying to capture life's moments that were so rapidly passing us by. When our children started their love of sports and my husband & I had to rotate being at different locations so one of us could be there to support them. 


That's when I realized it takes a village to raise a family and run a business. That is when I fell into the love of photography, watching the images behind the lens come to fruition.  


That is when the birth of M3Photography was born.  After myself, my husband, our 3 kiddos!  Together, collectively we are a team and with the help of our clients, helps prosper the future of our business.

​I look at every perspective client as someone who wants to create a memorable story to look back years later at that same picture and still recall that initial feeling. I'm a visual storyteller.  An investment with me allows us to discuss your vision and I bring it to life.

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